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Rave Arcave is a unique interactive performance project  in Seville, Spain. 

The performances here draw on the influences of many different cultures, histories and religions, with dance styles starting in Asia, crossing to Africa and finally Europe, with a passionate, contemporary twist on a Spanish classic - flamenco. 

In this Project, I am both a digital artist, sound designer and a performer building up audio-visual immersive projection mapping experience with 4 projectors and lighting system in the ancient historical cave. With madmappering, Touchdesigner and video editing softwares created a nice immersive dynamic visual experience with dancers. 

3D immersivePIPA Dance3D immersive PIPA
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The performance took place in the two historical vaults underground of the Flamenco Dance Museum, offering a reinterpretation of a 'cave experience', bringing telluric experiences from Africa, movements and a reinterpretation in expressive Chinese modern art with a flamenco backdrop, with the Chinese artists Sijia, Leixu, Hanking, Haoxu, and Yaping.

Within its  flamenco laboratory, the Museum of Flamenco Dance resumes activities on the limits of other artistic expressions in order to break or expand the usual readings of flamenco. 

Africa, as the cradle of humanity, will be represented by the transmedia artist Anani Sanouvi (Togo, Philadelphia, Lisbon) with a contemporary expressiveness, which at the same time reminds us of African elements in flamenco. One of the reasons to do it in our Flamenco Dance Museum.

All these living images find a flamenco complement by the bailaor Marco Vargas, accompanied by the German-Arabic performer Alya Al-Kanani…

The bodies, like living sculptures, will embody the artistic sensibility and spirit of the collective. They will perform taking influences from different cultures, histories and religions. All of them will create and be like an assemblage of structures, an encounter of different arts in conversation with the social landscape and the physical continent of the world.

The event has already aroused a lot of interest in China and will be recorded and broadcast by a team from CCTV, one of the major television networks in the Asian country. This action will revive the image of the Museum as a "Chinese Friendly" entity in China: not in vain was it the first museum in Spain with all its texts in and locutions in Chinese, in addition, the exhibition "Flamenco seen through Chinese eyes" took place together to the Minzu University in Beijing, Cristina Hoyos was named "Ambassador of Tourism of the City of Beijing" or the fusion proposals between flamenco and Kunqu opera, Peking opera or Mongolian music.


I captured Yining Chen ( a well-known Chinese Dancer for 'Pipa instrument dance' ) 's footsteps while she is dancing and playing Pipa in the same size room as the cave in London by AMBEO 3D sennheiser headset. And creating the immersive audio-reactive visual by this 3D sound source. With the aim of bringing audience into a acient Dunhuang cave,  without a dancer, but  the sound of footsteps and instrument and abstract visual could give them a multi-sensory imaginated experience of the ancient performance period. 

ravearcave poster.jpeg
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